The ERDI Non-Diving Specialty Instructor Course is designed to teach non-diving members of a public safety dive team the knowledge to safely function as an independent instructor of the non-diving specialties/ops listed below:
- Visual Inspection Procedures
- Tender
- Swift Water
- Other non-diving Ops, i.e. unique ops, offered by ERDI (subject to headquarter’s approval)
Who is this course for?
- Minimum age 21
- Affiliated with an ERDI facility
- Minimum of 1 year experience at the user level for the specialty which will be taught after graduation
- Meet all prerequisites for the corresponding instructor level specialty they will teach after graduation
- Provide proof of current CPR and first aid certifications
What’s in it for you and the team?
You will be able to successfully teach the appropriate ERDI Non- diving speciality/Ops