I am honoured to be a speaker at this year's EuroTEK 2016. EUROTEK showcases 40 different inspiring and educational talks and useful workshops are presented by a team of international experts, today’s cutting-edge explorers and diving legends.



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ADEX Singapore 2019

 Ahmed Gabr will participate as a speaker at ADEX 2019, in Singapore.


 I am honoured to be one of the Ambassadors and a Speaker at this year's MOSCOW DIVE SHOW 2019,

EuroTEK 2016

I am honoured to be a Speaker at this year's EuroTEK 2016,

Deepest Scuba Dive In Seawater - World Record Attempt Support The First Man To Dive To 350m

Team Deployment – These are the surface support team, and the group who check all the equipment is in the right place, as well as deploying the line, deco ladder, deco gases and floating pyramid which holds everything up.